Prepare LAS majors for success

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Students enrolled in our majors are a critical part of the college’s identity. The quality of our degree programs is important for the future success of our students, for attracting and retaining new students, and for sustaining and enhancing the reputation of our departments among their peers. LAS will ensure that curricular and co-curricular learning experiences help students build content knowledge integrated with critical thinking and leadership skills. We will help our students understand their career options and how to articulate the value of their degrees. LAS will continue to adapt our curricula to new pedagogies, new knowledge, and evolving fiscal realities. We will create the vision and collaborative goodwill to develop new programs that expand beyond disciplinary boundaries. LAS strives to create space for innovative ideas and to deliver high-quality degree programs in well-established areas. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive environment that welcomes and supports all students and prepares them to thrive in a multicultural, collaborative world.

Goal 1

Maximize the relevance and applicability of LAS courses and majors to important questions facing a world that is inherently interdisciplinary.

Objective 1.1

Attract new students into LAS and prepare them for tomorrow’s societal and workforce needs by evaluating existing programs, focusing our curricula, and creating innovative programs in areas such as data science and actuarial science while providing an excellent foundation in traditional liberal arts disciplines and developing critical thinking, leadership, and analytical skills.

Objective 1.2

Increase opportunities for LAS majors to participate in high-impact learning experiences, including learning communities, peer mentor roles, contacts with alumni and recent graduates, cross-disciplinary classes, research experiences, leadership programs, internships, field placements, study abroad, and a capstone experience or senior thesis.

Objective 1.3

Further develop the ability for LAS departments and programs to evaluate the outcomes of the curricula through which students receive their education. Incorporate these data for iterative improvements to the curriculum and its delivery.

Goal 2

Provide comprehensive support services for LAS student success, from their entry into college to the launch of their career.

Objective 2.1

Improve the affordability of education through increased LAS scholarship support.

Objective 2.2

Enhance efforts to recruit and retain students; actively recruit and advise underrepresented, first-generation, economically disadvantaged, and academically challenged students to participate in learning communities and support programs that help ensure early college success.

Objective 2.3

Provide targeted career planning and post-graduation support to ensure the success of students as they begin their professional careers, through increased use of LAS Career Services, departmental advising and career resources, a career fair, student clubs and their faculty advisors, and online degree completion programs for selected majors.

Goal 3

Lead the university in promoting the knowledge and skills that are required for current and former students to work effectively and equitably in a multicultural, collaborative, and technologically complex world.

Objective 3.1

Increase opportunities for students with different backgrounds and identities to learn about one another’s history, experiences, successes, and challenges, through LAS courses, campus conversations, and learning communities that address intergroup relations and cross-cultural understanding; enhance participation in learning communities and cohort programs such as STEM Scholars for LAS; and increase the number of courses focused on developing technical and/or science literacy skills.

Objective 3.2

Create a diverse and inclusive environment that supports and celebrates a diversity of people and ideas. A diverse faculty and staff is critical to student success and LAS is committed to cultivating a healthy work environment and addressing obstacles in order to support the success and impact of underrepresented faculty and staff.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Enhance the education of all ISU students.

Prepare LAS majors for success.

Strengthen the impact and competitiveness of LAS research.

Engage with our partners on campus and around the world.

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